– The author Boulos Tauk was born in Becharre on February 7, 1946.
– He started his literary trials in 1961 by publishing in the “Zaman” newspaper.
– In 1970, he issued his first literary produce “The Self-Fugitive”.
– In 1972, he published his book “Letters from the Dead”.
– He joined the Sagesse High Institute of Law and graduated with a Law Degree in 1972. He then joined the Bar Association of    Beirut, and still practices law as attorney-at-law, to date.
– In 1974, he issued a book entitled “The Threshing Floors of December”.
– In 1979, he published a book entitled “The Songs of the Wounded”.
– He joined the Lebanese University, studied Arabic Language and its Literature and was conferred a Teaching Degree in 1979.
– In 1981, he drafted his paper “Fire and Light in the World’s Ideology” and received an honorary mention “Excellent, with the Jury’s congratulations and a wish to publish it”.
– He pursued the study of Arabic Language and its Literature and joined the University of Strasbourg – France where he obtained for his thesis a Doctorate degree in 1985 with the highest grade “Very Honorable, Unanimously’.
– The Personality of Gubran Khalil Gubran in its Constitutive and Existential Dimensions.
– In 1985, he published his paper and thesis in French in three parts.
– He taught at the Lebanese University – Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences until 2011, the subject matters of the art of writing, philosophy and literature, global literature, and philology among others.
– In 1992, he issued a book entitled “Prayers to Orpheus” with an introduction on Cosmic Symbolism.
– In 1997, he published “Prières à Orphée” in France.
– In 2000, a collection of his abovementioned books was issued along a collection of all his publications in different Lebanese newspapers in a book entitled “At the Margin of Politics”.
– He added to it the book entitled “The Personality of Gubran Khalil Gubran in its Constitutive and Existential Dimensions”, published in Arabic in five parts.
– In 2005, he issued three books: “Achina”, “The Vision of Saint Paul or the Lost Epistle”, and “The Last Times”.
– In 2009, he published “Achina” in France.
– Dr. Tauk participated in many intellectual activities and continued writing in several Lebanese newspapers.
– He is distinguished by his incomparable writing style, his deep culture, and his strive for a new modernism.
– His writings tackled human sciences; anthropology, mythology, theology and cosmic symbolism. His singularity was due to his profound literary and cultural criticism, along his human universalism in comparative literature and comparison of religions.
– He will soon publish a book on fragments of the summary of his life experience entitled “Chatahat”, and another one, on the summary of his intellectual experience entitled “Perfumes of the Sunset”.
Some of his quotes, from outside his books, be it opinions or intellectual positions, were collected in a book entitled “Emigrating Words” that will be published soon, in addition to another book entitled “Highlights of Boulos Tauk” featuring most researches and newspaper articles written about him.